What Taekwondo Means To Me

Written by Edison ChauTaekwondo has been with me for 2 years and I have enjoyed every minute in class. I have learned many things in Taekwondo, not just kicks and [...]

The Origins of Taekwondo

Three Kingdoms The origin of Taekwondo traces back to the three kingdoms of Koguryo (37 BC-668 AD), Paekche (18 BC-600 AD), and Silla (57 BC-936 AD). Mural paintings on the [...]

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Tae Kwon Do: Finding the Warrior Spirit

Written by Dr. Laura | It makes no sense for me to study Tae Kwon Do. I work, I raise my sons, I do not have the luxury of single-minded pursuit of my own interests...

My Taekwondo Adventure

Written by Cierra Wells | My name is Cierra Wells, I am ten years old, and I am a red belt. I will be testing for my brown belt October 28, 2011. My brother and I started Taekwondo together, September, 2010 at U.S. West Coast Taekwondo.

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