Tae Kwon Do Instructor


World Class Tae Kwon Do, Inc.;
​World Class Martial Arts
16415 SE 15th St. Suite #102
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  • Coach groups and individual athletes for local, regional, state, national and international competitions.
  • Plan, organize and conduct group and individual practice sessions for various athletes.
  • Provide training direction, encouragement, and motivation in order to prepare athletes for competitive events and demonstrations.
  • Plan strategies and select members for individual competitions or events.
  • Plan and direct physical conditioning programs that will enable athletes to achieve maximum performance.
  • Coach athletes on competition techniques, competition rules and competition strategies
  • Adjust coaching techniques based on the strengths and weaknesses of athletes.
  • Compile detail athlete assessments, and keep records of athlete, team, and opposing team and individual performances at various events.
  • Coach individuals or groups in rules, strategies and performance to achieve desired results and maximize results at various levels of competitions and other events.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of opposing athletes and teams to develop game strategies.
  • Coach individual athletes as appropriate to the individual’s age, skill-level, and goal setting.
  • Coach athletes in the mental characteristics such as strategy, gamesmanship, spirit, tenacity, visualization, and optimism.
  • Incorporate physical skills in training sessions.
  • Incorporate mental drills in training sessions.
  • Coach athletes to perform and accomplish skills in accordance with established requirements that will be used in various competitions and certifications.
  • Coach athletes for various certification tests.


Position requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, a closely related field, or the equivalent the foreign education.


2 years of experience in the job offered.


5th Degree DAN Black Belt Certification; Tae Kwon Do Referee Certificate; Tae Kwon Do Competition Instructor Certificate


HR (Attn: WC-1)
World Class Tae Kwon Do Inc.
16415 SE 15th St. Suite #102
Vancouver WA 98683