"I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about this establishment. The staff at World Class Martial Arts are simply that....WORLD CLASS. I have never been so impressed with a youth sports organization and I have 2 boys who have been in sports for 10 years. Every single member of this staff is extremely friendly, inviting, and welcoming EVERY single time you walk through the door. They know every child's name right away. The teachers are so much fun and funny that the kids remain engaged week after week." - Jen (Parent)
"Taekwondo has become not only a means to increase fitness, but a true passion. " - Melissa (Student & Parent)
"This is an incredible experience for the entire family...and the bonds you will forge within your family and with the whole WCMA family are well worth the time and effort." - Dave (Student & Parent)
"...I’ve also seen a boost in my son’s confidence since starting Tae Kwon Do. With each belt level he completes, he feels more confident in his skills and is motivated to succeed." - Catherine (Student & Parent)
"The instructors are skilled (in teaching and Takewondo), kind, patient, and able to reach their students—no matter the student's unique learning style or specific need." - Liz (Student & Parent)
"Our instructors truly care about their students. They make sure class is fun with ensuring respectful and responsible behavior by the students...They are AMAZING!" - Lyuda (Student & Parent)

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* Belt promotion test *

• April 19th Thursday

<Regular classes before the testing>

7:30pm - 8:10pm All Black Belt Levels
8:10pm - 8:50pm All Adult Color Belts

• April 20th Friday

<No classes>

Tiny Tigers:
4:10pm - White/ Yellow/ Orange/ Green
4:50pm - Purple and Above

5:30pm - Red/ High Red
6:00pm - White
6:30pm - Yellow/ High Yellow
7:10pm - Green/ High Green
7:50pm - Blue/ High Blue
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Happy spring break to all WCMA families!

We do have regular classes from April 2nd(Monday)~5th(Thursday). But school will be closed om April 6th(Friday) & 7th(Saturday). #taekwondo #martialarts #focus #confidence #respect #goalsetting #camaswashington #vancouverwashington #camasmartialarts #vancouvermartialarts #vancouvertaekwondo #camastaekwondo #vancouver #camas #taekwondokids #springbreak #springcamp #teamwork #squadofchampions
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WCMA students' results at 2018 Washington State Championships:
Bryan Beel - 2nd place individual poomsae, under 50

Kaitlin Beel - 5th place, individual poomsae, Junior division

Shrisha Menon - 1st place, individual poomsae, Junior division

Melissa Berner - 1st place, Indidvidual poomsae, under 50

Melissa Berner and Bryan Beel - 1st place, pairs poomsae, over 30

#worldclassmartialarts #wcma #martialarts #taekwondo #tournament #competition #poomsae #challenge #focus #confidence #respect #challenge #accomplishment #perserverance #selfdefense #camaswashington #vancouverwashington #camasmartialarts #vancouvermartialarts #vancouvertaekwondo #camastaekwondo #vancouver #camas #taekwondokids #taekwondoadults @ Olympia, Washington
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WCMA has openings for Taekwondo Coaches and Managers | Read More »

Tiny Tigers

Introduce your child to the wonders of Taekwondo. For ages 4 - 6. It's fun and exciting!

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For ages 7 - 12. Students join others around their belt rank for the best learning experience.

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Our teen/adult classes are more advance in skill work, a bit more rigorous, and always exciting!

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For students looking for a bit more. This offering focuses on goal-setting, teamwork, and competition.

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World Class Martial Arts

World Class Martial Arts has provided quality instruction to thousands of students for over ten years. We offer state of the art training at our facility. Founded on the principles of teaching excellence, personal attention and tradition, we provide you with the most complete and effective methods to reach your full potential.